Set up a committee to audit implants, Delhi docs write to PM

The Delhi Medical Association, a doctor's body from Delhi, has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi. The doctors have suggested that an internal audit system should be set up to carry out an audit of the implants done in every hospital. The doctor's body has given their recommendations to the PM on various issues

  • A second opinion approach should be incorporated in all the routine, non-emergent situations requiring an implant of a stent or device in the body. And discourage the ad-hoc approach in such situations.
  • The Delhi Medical Association (DMA) recommended setting up of an internal audit system or audit committee in every hospital, where stent and any other device implant is being carried out.
  • This committee must review 10% of the randomly-selected patients for an audit of appropriateness and the quality recommendation of the stent, and device implants.
  • The association also strongly supports and recommends that all hospitals must display various stent devices and implants available on and off the shelf. Their costs, risk, and benefits should be made available to every patient.
  • The system needs to ‘Ensure, Empower and Enable (3E)’ an individual to make an informed choice about the quality of the stent, device, an implant to be used. With the steps enlisted above, it will be possible to achieve the desirable situation.
  • These were the few measures that DMA has suggested to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through their letter.  

The doctor-patient relationship, in the country, has suffered a huge dent in the past few years. The allegations of overcharging and needless procedures being done have affected severely as well.

In order to regain the lost trust of the patients on doctors, the DMA has written a letter to PM Modi.

The letter stated, “The DMA strongly supports a proper check-up system to be put into place to establish transparency regarding the appropriateness of indication and the quality of the implant/device to satisfy the patient and strengthen the complete system. The system needs to encourage and ensure that society is participating in a process of ‘shared decision making’ about the appropriateness and quality of implantation of the device.”

The DMA suggested, “The cost of these implants is regulated by various governmental authorities. The medical profession is not involved in deciding the process of pricing. The DMA strongly supports, welcomes and urges the Govt to bring all these implants, stents and devices under price control, so that they can be made available at affordable price.

Dr Ashwini Goyal, President, DMA, said, “There are many companies those who manufacture medicines with different names, the government has no control over them. That is the main reason the prices of medicines and implants are different. The Union Government should formulate guidelines for this. Every hospital should have an internal audit system.”

He further added, “In order to bridge the trust deficit between the doctors and the patients, there should be transparency in the cost of medicines and the implants. That is the reason, we have written a letter to PM Narendra Modi.”