School girls to participate in Mumbai Marathon, demand tax-free sanitary pads

Sanitary napkin which is the necessity of every woman is currently in the 12% GST slab. Women’s organisations across the country have protested against the decision of the government. Now, four schoolgoing girls from the rural areas will participate in the Mumbai Marathon by demanding to make the sanitary pads available at an affordable price. Thus, stressing on maintaining the menstrual hygiene as well


  • On the issue of tax-free sanitary napkins, Supriya Sule, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MP is ready to take on the Modi government. She tweeted, “Women’s health, cleanliness and the facilities should not be the government’s medium of generating revenue. Tax-free sanitary pad is every woman’s right. We will put forward these demands amongst the people.”#NoGSTForSanitaryPads
  • Also, Women’s organisation had criticised the move of central government to tax sanitary pads under Goods and Services Tax (GST). They questioned when condoms and sindoor are tax-free, why not sanitary pads? And demanded to make it tax-free.
  • By participating in the Tata Mumbai Marathon, 2018, Family Planning Association, India (FPA) aims to run for the ”Let’s get girls back to school” campaign under the #RUN4FP theme.
Heena Sayyad
Heena Sayyad

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Kalpana Apte, General Secretary, Family Planning Association, India said, “We guide the girls and their families in the rural areas about how to take care of health during their menses. To help them overcome the fear related to the menstrual cycle. Owing to which, 13 school girls will be participating in Mumbai Marathon to create awareness about menstrual cycle.”

Sheetal Gurav
Sheetal Gurav

Heena Sayyad from Mumbai said, “I wish the sanitary napkins should reach to the girls at the grass root levels. Due to which, the stress and the fear reading the menstrual cycle can be tackled. Due to the poor supply of sanitary napkin, many girls are deprived of education. We are participating in marathon with a demand to make the sanitary pad tax-free.”

Objectives of participating in the marathon:

  • To create awareness about the problems during the menses
  • To spread awareness among women about sexual problems
  • Many girls drop out of school, owing to the low haemoglobin level and lack of attention in the studies