Say cheese! Meet a doctors who photographs teeth with mobile camera

The younger generation might be obsessed with ‘the selfie.’ But, have you ever clicked a picture of your teeth?  Now, you will ask what sort of absurd question is this. Taking a photo that of your teeth? Why? What’s the point? If you are searching for an explanation, then we would like to introduce you to a dental photographer


In today’s day and age, smartphones have become an integral part of our life and we cannot even think about having a life without the smartphones. Smartphones have given us ultimate access, through which we can stay connected, and the mobile camera has become like another eye to view the world.

While spending time with friends and family or going on a long drive, visiting beautiful places, etc. the moment can be easily captured within few a seconds. With the smartphones, we all have turned into a part-time photographer.

Meet Dr Akash Akinwar, who is a dental surgeon and a periodontist. Dr Akash is well-known in India, as a dental photographer. Dr Akash has been training dentists from all over India and abroad in ‘mobile dental photography.’

Say cheese! Meet a doctors who photographs teeth
Dr Akash Akinwar

As you walk into Dr Akash’s clinic, one can find various photography books, which he himself has shot. But, his computer is full of a database of his patients, with both audio and visual.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Akash says, “With ‘mobile dental photography’ one can improve his skills case by case. You can rectify your errors. It’s a good visual and legal record for a doctor to store. With the pre and post-surgery photographs, the doctor can counsel the patient and can explain the surgery procedure easily. The doctor can educate and motivate the patients as well. And the most important use of the mobile dental photography is for the academics and scientific research.”

Dr Akash honed his photography skills and translated them into his work for better use. He added, “When a patient comes to a doctor, he is afraid of the procedure or surgery. But, once he sees pictures of a previous cases study he becomes comfortable.”

Dr Akash has been doing the mobile dental photography for the past 8 years. But, now has been training the dentist all over India and abroad.

He further added, “The visual evidence gives a doctors wide spectrum to present his rare case. Also, a doctor from the rural area can send a photo to the senior doctor on mobile and seek his guidance. What I feel is the dental council of India should incorporate ‘mobile dental photography’ as a subject in the curriculum.”

Say cheese! Meet a doctors who photographs teeth

Dr Akinwar says, “In India, only 1 dentist in 50 doctors does the documentation of his/her cases. Documentation is must in all the fields. It can be a good legal proof for the doctor as well.”

Dr Akinwar has trained a number of doctors for the mobile dental photography. One of the doctors is Dr Mahesh Mali, a dental surgeon based in Mumbai.

Say cheese! Meet a doctors who photographs teeth

Dr Mali says, “Earlier I didn’t know a mobile could be so useful for a doctor. Sometimes a particular thing which you can’t see through the naked eye can be captured through the camera. Mobile dental photography has helped me a lot in terms of presenting my case as well”

Dr Umesh Tambe, a dental surgeon agrees saying, “Mobile dental photography is a good tool available with the doctor to fight the medico-legal case. We can maintain records of the patients as well.”