#SaveDoctors: ‘I didn’t give up on serving patients, but I still fear an attack’

As the atmosphere in the medical fraternity is charged across the country as a result of the Kolkata doctor attack, doctors from Maharashtra have also joined in on the nationwide protest. On this day, we bring you the story of a senior resident doctor who too was brutally attacked in this manner last year. The doctor managed to recover, but the scars of the incident have been imprinted in his mind


On Monday, June 10, a doctor called Paribaha Mukharjee from Kolkata’s NRS Medical College was brutally attacked and is fighting for his life. The brutal assault on Monday on a Kolkata doctor has triggered massive protests among medicos in the country.

Junior doctors in West Bengal defied Mamata Banerjee’s ultimatum and are on strike demanding adequate security in hospitals.

In response to this, doctors in Mumbai’s civic and government-run hospitals have also joined in the protest to show solidarity over this incidence. They have taken a stand against the growing spate of violence against doctors.

Everyone knows about the doctor attack in Kolkata, but in May 2018, a doctor from Sir JJ Group of Hospitals was brutally attacked by angry relatives of a patient.

In this atmosphere of doctor protest, he recalls that fateful day which he will never forget. As he still bears the scars of that incident in his mind. The fear still lives with him over the possibility of being attacked again. Meet Dr Atish Parikh and hear his story as he narrates about the traumatic incident which forever changed his life.

Dr Atish spoke exclusively to My Medical Mantra, he said, “That was the scariest day of my life. I was completely shattered when the attack took place. My face was fractured in the attack. But, the memories of the day still haunt me. Whenever I am working in a ward or a department, there is a constant fear in my mind; the attack can take place anytime anywhere. I still live and work under that fear.”


Dr Atish Parikh, who is currently in the 3rd year of his senior residency was attacked on during his 2nd year residency. He and a female colleague of his, who was a junior resident, were attacked by a patient’s relatives on May 19, 2018.

“The attack that had shaken me from within can’t change the course of my duty. My duty is to serve the patients and I will keep doing it. Only, the relation which I used to have with the patients has now changed. The attack has taken over the toll on the relationship. Now I take more care while talking to the patients, no friendly talks, only work matters. And the main reason behind this is ‘The Fear,’” said Dr Aatish.

Last year, the angry relatives assaulted the doctors and then created ruckus inside the hospital premises as well. They also damaged the hospital’s property.

In response to this 400 resident doctors attached to the Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, had called an indefinite strike. The Nurses Federation had also lent their support to the strike called on by the doctors.

Dr Atish further said, “Doctors work for hours on end. No proper security is provided to the doctors in the hospital. There is no guarantee that after work even when we study, we will get a seat in the medical college for post-graduation,” he added.