#SaveDhanashree: Parents of four-year-old make an appeal to 125 crore Indians

It has been 11 months since Dhanashree Mujmule has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. She is in dire need of a heart transplant. Her parents are doing their best to treat their daughter but are struggling to gather funds and require your help

#SaveDhanashree: Parents of four-year-old make an appeal to 125 crore Indians

“It was the month of June 2017, when Dhanashree suddenly fell ill. We did not know what had happened. The doctor told us, Dhanashree, will not survive. My world came crashing down within seconds. Those words are still ringing in my ears. I kept on asking myself one question. Why? Why my daughter?”

After meeting a couple of doctors for a second opinion, I was told that there is a possibility that my daughter can be saved with the help of a heart transplant.

As you speak to Krishna Mujmule, the father of Dhanashree, tears roll down from his eyes. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Mujmule said, “My daughter has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, she needs to undergo a heart transplant. Will anyone help me save my daughter?”

Since the June 2017, Krishna Mujmule has been running from pillar to post to save his daughter’s life. Krishna himself is unaware about the procedure of the heart transplant. Krishna says, “I had completely lost the lope to save my daughter. I was not aware about the option of the heart transplant. I was shattered. But, now I have hope. I can save my daughter’s life, provided I get a donor heart for my daughter.”

While Kalpana Mujule, Dhanashree’s mother says, “Dhanashree was a normal child. She had no health issues as well. But, suddenly she got ill and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. We were not aware of this disease at all.”

Krishna Mujmule, who has been doing his best to secure funds to treat his daughter’s heart ailment says, “I own an Ayurveda medicine shop and I do farming as well. My monthly income is barely Rs 20,000. And the doctors have told us that the cost of the treatment 30 lakhs. So, in order to raise funds, we have started crowdfunding.”

On Wednesday, Krishna had come to Mumbai’s Fortis hospital to meet the doctors from the paediatric heart transplant unit. Dhanashree has been registered in Fortis hospital for the heart transplant.

Krishna says, “It’s been almost 11 months now, twice in every month, we admit Dhanashree in the hospital for two days. As part of her treatment, doctors give her injections to pump her heart for next 15 days.”

Krishna and his wife Kalpana are doing their best to save their daughter. It’s their appeal to the 125 crores Indians, to help save their daughter. Like Aaradhya, Dhanashree too is like our daughter. It is with our efforts that Aaradhya got a new heart and a new life. Now, it is our duty to help #SaveDhanashree.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Swati Garekar, a senior paediatric cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, said, “She has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Her heart is functioning at just 15 per cent. When we treat a patient for cardiomyopathy our first line of treatment is to administer medicine to them to improve their condition and not to directly operate upon them.”

She added, “We consider surgery, only if their condition remains the same even after they have been put on medication. In Dhanashree’s case, she is admitted to the hospital once in two weeks, this is not a good sign. The medications have not been able to make a change in her condition. A heart transplant is the only option through which she can be saved.”

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