#SaveAaradhya : My Medical Mantra bags Maharashtra state social media award

 The state government of Maharashtra today announced that the #SaveAaradha campaign which was spearheaded by the health portal My Medical Mantra has won the state social media award. My Medical Mantra’s editor, Santosh Andhale will receive the award from the state government


The campaign which was run from January 2017 to September 2017. The campaign helped raise awareness about organ donation in the process. Several eminent personalities lent their support to this campaign.

Aaradhya, a 3-year-old, at the time suffered from cardiomyopathy and she urgently requires a heart transplant as it was the only way that she could continue to life. The girl received a donor heart on September, 05 2017. The heart came from Surat.

My Medical Mantra also started the hashtag #SaveAaradhya and designated a day on Twitter to raise as much awareness as possible. It garnered a positive response of over.

Aaradhya begins a new life, with a new heart in a new home
A smiling Aaradhya

The campaign was run on April 8 between 6pm to 9pm and it received close to 10,000 tweets on Twitter and it reached close to 12,000 people on Facebook. Many volunteered to go live on Facebook, including Aaradhya’s father Yogesh Mule.

Posters and messages were posted online. A documentary about the struggle of searching a donor heart was also made to reach out to the masses.


As per statistics, campaign #SaveAaradhya found a strong voice in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Nagpur, Delhi and Aurangabad and many have started talking about ways on how to help Aaradhya find a heart, how to spread awareness on organ donation, especially in paediatric cases, in India. From politicians to actors, from commoners to activists, this campaign has certainly managed to sow the seeds of importance of organ donation in Maharashtra in particular, and India at large.

My Medical Mantra extends hearty thanks to all the participants, supporters who came together to raise awareness about this cause, which ultimately helped save a life.