‘Save him’, says a taxi driver whose son has blood cancer

Sushant Suryawanshi, a 33-year-old civil engineer who lives with his parents in Nagpur was diagnosed with blood cancer two years ago. With 74 bottles of blood and 8 chemotherapy cycles, there’s still a long way for him to beat cancer. He needs an urgent bone marrow transplantation that costs 30 lakhs. His appalled father Raj Sing is a taxi driver, for whom passenger’s safety is of utmost concern. Likewise, for his son too, he is running from pillar to post to raise funds. He appeals to help Sushant survive and lead a healthy life


It’s been a difficult patch for Raj Sing Suryawanshi as his son Sushant is battling with blood cancer and his mother is also battling thyroid, hypertension and heart problems. Raj Sing is constantly dodging the fear of losing both his partner and his son. But, he never shares it with anyone.

Sushant was a bright child. Our world turned upside down after he was diagnosed with blood cancer in December 2015, said his father Raj Sing who is a taxi driver and earns 10,000 per month. “When I got into Engineering college, he would work double shifts and come to drop me to every exam. If it didn’t go well, he would smile and just ask me to do my best. Our family was a happy and content, even though we had financial problems, we were always grateful for everything. But tables turned and I was diagnosed with cancer. If you’re subjected to, what my friends call, “lame” jokes that I crack, you’d never guess I have cancer”, are the words of Sushant, who is fighting for his life.

Raj Sing and his wife
Raj Sing and his wife

He added, “He was the happiest when I finally became a civil engineer putting every drop he earned into my education. My biggest dream was to earn and take care of my family, especially of my dad. When I got my job, I asked him to retire — but he loves serving people and keeping himself busy, so he continued to work. Life instantly got a lot better, my parents were happy to see me working and I was proud of both of them for giving me these values. But, two years ago I was diagnosed with blood cancer.”

“We started his chemotherapy in Nagpur as we couldn’t afford treatment in Mumbai. After six months, his cancer relapsed. We borrowed money and gave him chemotherapy. But, the medicines didn’t work and the doctors told us that he will have to go for bone marrow transplantation,” said Raj Sing.

An emotional Sushant confessed, “8 chemo cycles later, I’m still far from recovery. My treatment so far has cost us up to Rs 17 lakhs. Doctors told me that I need an urgent bone marrow transplant. But, we don’t even have a single penny left. The only option for us now is to sell our home. Worse than the cancer, is the feeling of what my parents are going through and they’re still doing it without a single complaint. I want to get better, I want to take care of them, I want to take away their pain. I want to live.”

Sushant is active, courageous and confident. I want to see him lead a healthy life, said Raj Sing. “He is the one who would never give up.  I want to save my son.  ‘Humans of Bombay’ is raising funds for him. We will be thankful if people help us in raising funds for his treatment,” said a heartfelt Raj Sing.

“I may have less than 365 days left. I never thought I would have to face a thought like this. This has left my family devastated and to be honest, even me to some extent. The thought of leaving my parents behind, all alone, is terrifying,” said Sushant.

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