#SaveDoctors: Dr Harsh Vardhan appeals doctors to withdraw strike

The union health minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan has taken stock of the nationwide protest of doctors. The protest erupted after a brutal attack done on a doctor in Kolkata. After asking the West Bengal Chief Minister to not make it a matter of prestige, he has requested doctors to end their strike assuring them that he will ensure their safety


In a recent incident in West Bengal, Dr Paribha Mukherjee, a young doctor was brutally attacked by a violent mob at NRS Medical College, Kolkata. He is critical and fighting for his life.

As the atmosphere in the medical fraternity is charged across the country as a result of the Kolkata doctor attack.

Several doctors in West Bengal are on a continued strike since Tuesday after the incident. The Kolkata doctors protest has entered its fourth day. The West Bengal government has not budged at all.

In retaliation to this 7 senior doctors including the Principal and Superintendent of NRS Medical College have resigned.

In response to this incident, doctors from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka have taken to the streets to protest. This has affected medical services across the country.

Now the Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan has requested the doctors to cease the strike, he said, “I urge doctors to end their strike in the larger interest of society. I will take all possible measures to ensure a safe environment for them at hospitals across the country. I’ll write to all states where such incidents have occurred and ensure safe working conditions for doctors.”

The Union Health Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan has taken notice of the protest spread across the country, which were brought upon in response to the Kolkata doctor attack.

Asking them to urge restraint, he said, “Don’t go on strike as it affects the healthcare services and patients suffer the most. We understand that doctors should have a safe environment to work in the hospital. But, doctors should also understand their duty.”

He further stated, “I appeal sincerely to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee not to make this an issue of prestige. Health services are getting affected due to this, patients are getting affected and the doctors are carrying out protest all over the country.”