Satara: Doctors successfully remove ovarian tumour weighing 14.5 kgs

Doctors from Oncolife Cancer Centre in Satara, Maharashtra have successfully removed an ovarian tumour weighing 14.5 kilos. Doctors stated that it was a benign tumour which had 8 litres of water inside it. Experts advise that women who have a suspicious looking lump of flesh should consult a doctor immediately

Satara: Doctors successfully remove ovarian tumour weighing 14.5 kgs
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A 57-year-old woman from Satara district of Maharashtra was suffering from a severe abdominal pain for over a year. But, due to the weak economic background, Rima (name changed) did not see a doctor. A few days earlier Rima had come to a health camp and was diagnosed with an ovarian tumour.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Manoj Lokhande, an oncosurgeon from Oncolife Cancer Centre, Satara, said, “While operating a tumour as big as this size, we have to be extra careful. While doing the operation if the tumour gets ruptured it is likely that the fluid will seep out. This could prove to be risky for the patient. In this case, there was 8 litres of water inside the tumour.”

Dr Lokhande further added, “After two hours of surgery we successfully managed to remove the tumour. Women those who are suffering from painless tumour should immediately see the doctor. A painless tumour can be cancerous. Due to the size of the tumour, it was putting pressure on the lungs, owing to which the she was having difficulty breathing.”

Dr Preeti Lewis, a gynaecologist working at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals Mumbai, said, “We have witnessed many cases like this in the past. Women do not feel the pain, till the time that the tumour starts putting pressure upon the kidneys. Only then do women come to see a doctor. But, by the time they come to us, size of the tumour increases and it becomes difficult to operate. Hence, the women should get a check-up done once in every six months.”