Sassoon Hospital produces documentary named ‘Kho Kho’, to raise awareness on TB

In its bid to create awareness on TB, the pulmonary medicine department at Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), has created a documentary on tuberculosis (TB)

Sassoon Hospital produces documentary to raise TB awareness

The documentary which is aptly titled ‘Kho Kho,’ is in Marathi. It will soon be available on YouTube and will be screened at different public places. It aims to create awareness on how TB spreads and how it can be treated.

The entire staff of the pulmonary medicine department was involved in the documentary making process. The first public screening of the documentary will be held in two weeks’ time.

Dr S N Gaikwad, Head of Pulmonary medicine department from SGH, who himself is also a producer of the documentary, said, “There are many undiagnosed TB patients in our country. Once the TB germ enters our body, it remains dormant for many years and one might develop TB symptoms after a long time.”

Dr Gaikwad, added, “Diseases like HIV cannot be cured but there is awareness in society and we have seen a decline in the incidence of HIV. But TB can be cured. Yet, society is not aware and therefore the incidence is rising. Also, there is dreadful biological contamination of commonly shared air. But are we aware about the air that we breathe? The answer is no. And because we aren’t aware, we do not know the common etiquettes of coughing.”

Speaking about the importance of following coughing etiquettes, Dr Gaikwad stated “The documentary is named Kho Kho as TB  spreads from one person to another. If we all follow common etiquettes we will be able to control it in. We would be appealing to all Zilla Parishad CEO’s to screen this documentary to as many people as they can and make them aware about it.”


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