Rural health camp, a boon for paediatric heart care

Maharashtra Government has undertaken National Child Health Program to make health facilities available for the children in the rural areas. In the year 2016-17, 2,530 children were diagnosed with heart disease. People in the rural areas are immensely benefiting from this health camp and this will also help the health facilities to reach at the grass root

Rural health camp a boon for pediatric heart care

Health camps organised in the rural areas are proving to be a boon for the rural people. Health facilities are reaching at the grass root level due to which, there is an easy access to the treatment.

State Government organizes health check-up camps at district level under the ‘National Child Health’ campaign, to provide health facilities to the people of rural areas. Through these camps, in the year 2016-2017, 2,530 children in Maharashtra were diagnosed with heart problems. Of these, on 1,430 children free surgeries were performed with Government’s help.

Getting medical help in rural areas is very difficult. This results in the negligence in children’s health. So for this purpose, Government has undertaken National Child Health Program for school going children. Under this program, health check-ups were conducted for the school children across the state. In which, heart and abdominal disorder, eye problems and many other diseases were examined. And free surgeries were done on the children who needed it.

Rajiv Gandhi scheme has been asked to aid surgeries for 311 children. From which 165 children from the age group (0-15) will undergo surgeries.

KEM hospital’s cardiologist Dr Ankur Phatarpekar informed that in KEM hospital; around 120 infants come in the month, to get treatment for heart disease. Nanavati hospital’s surgeon Rohit Shahapurkar said that heart attack rates in children are increasing. Some children have it by birth, while in some children; symptoms are detected over a period of time.  Ina month, 30-40 children suffering from heart attack seek treatment at Nanavati Hospital.

Dr. Shahpurkar added, “There is a prime need of health check-up camps by the government, as it would be helpful for the people staying in the rural areas. Due to the lack or health facilities, people in the rural areas are forced to go to the cities for their health check-ups.  Therefore, providing health care to children through these camps is a good idea. ”