Ruby Hall clinic performs robotic surgery to treat kidney stone 

The surgery was performed on 35 year old woman, who was suffering from kidney stone since last few years. Doctors claim this is the first of it's kind of a surgery performed in Pune and Maharashtra

 Ruby Hall clinic performs robotic surgery to treat kidney stone

A HR professional named Ashwini, (name changed), a 35-year-old woman whose kidney was infected due to stone formation. She was successfully operated at Ruby Hall clinic using next generation robotic surgery.

This technology has helped doctors from Pune to overcome the barriers associated with open and laparoscopic surgery.

Doctors at the hospital claim this is being done for the first time in the city, where kidney stones were removed by using a robot and this might also be the first such attempt in the state of Maharashtra.

Ashwini felt pain for the first time in 2011. But since her pain was not recurring, doctors did not advise her to go in for removal of the stone. Only recently, when the pain aggravated she decided that she needed to undergo surgery.

Doctors at Ruby Hall successfully performed a surgery on her two weeks back. Dr Himesh Gandhi, Urologist at Ruby Hall clinic, who was a key part of the operating team said, “Robotic surgery gives an advantage to other available options because of the magnification and precision that it provides while carrying out procedure. The technique also helps as the surgery is less painful for the patient with less blood loss.”

Shirish Yande, a consultant Urologist and Andrologist, at Ruby Hall, who was also part of the operating team, said, “The robotic way has helped us to remove the stone intact completely, without any internal breaking of the stone. This is not guaranteed in either laparoscopic or open surgery.”

When asked about his opinion on the case, Dr Jaideep Date, urologist at Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital in Pune, said, “Robotic will always offer an advantage over other available options. But, the feasibility of robotic surgery is not possible in all types of cases. And a lot depends on where the stone is located in the kidney.”