RTI reveals: 35 people have died due to dog bites in Mumbai, in the last 6 years

As the population of stray dogs in Maharashtra is on the rise, instances of dog bites have also increased. According to a recent RTI filed by activist Chetan Kothari 35 deaths have occurred due to rabies in the last six years


Speaking to My Medical Mantra, social activist Satyajit Shah said, “There are more than 7,000 dog bites which occur every day in Maharashtra. Eighty per cent of patients who are affected by dog bites are children aged between 3 to 8 years. When these children are dog-bitten, they generally don’t inform their parents. Therefore, treatment is delayed. If a person with a dog bite is treated promptly, then the patient can be cured. Apart from this the rabies medicine, which is available in the hospital, is very expensive. And many of them are not affordable. The government must look into this and do something about this.”

RTI activist, Chetan Kothari said, “As the number of stray dogs has rapidly increased across the state. More and more people are prone to dog bites. The number of patients visiting government run hospital coming to seek treatment has increased hospital. Many people have lost their lives for not getting treatment on time. It is very disheartening to see that the municipal administration has not taken serious action regarding these incidents.”

Year Number of patients put on Anti-Rabies Vaccine                  
2012 11,973
2013 10,805
2014 12,171
2015 9,191
2016 10,282
2017 17,360