Resident doctors at Sion Hospital seek counselling after doctor attack

A resident doctor was manhandled by relatives of a deceased patient on Monday, August 12. After this incident, many resident doctors fear for their lives and are working in an environment of anxiety and tension. In order to address this issue, doctors from Sion MARD have decided that each resident doctor needs to undergo counselling to help them cope with work


On Monday, August 12, a 70-year-old woman was brought in for treatment. Her health eventually deteriorated and she passed away on the same day. The relatives of the woman blamed the resident doctor and alleged medical negligence. 25 people from their deceased patient’s family had come into the hospital to attack the doctor.

They pushed the resident doctor and assaulted him. After this incident, the doctors filed a complaint, but the police advised them against filing a complaint. The hospital authorities were helpless.

At the moment, there is an environment of fear among the doctors and they are not able to work to the best of their abilities as they do not feel completely secure at their workplace.

The branch of the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors at Sion Hospital decided that the doctors require counselling as they could slip into depression and their mental health could worsen.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Prashant Choudhary, President MARD, Sion Hospital, said, “A 70-year-old woman was brought to the hospital on Monday for treatment. But her condition worsened and she died. The relatives of the patient held the resident doctor responsible for her death and began to push him around and hit him.”

He added, “The resident doctors are terrified to work and are under constant fear of being assaulted. The government claims that they have provided security, but the ground reality is something different altogether. The attacks on doctors are increasing.”

Dr Choudhary explained, “We decided to counsel doctors to help ease the burden on their minds. They are being counselled at OPD 21, which is the hospitals psychiatric OPD. They had flooded the OPD and there were long queues.”

Psychiatrists at the hospital are counselling their colleagues. Speaking about this incident, Dr Deepak Munde, Central MARD, General Secretary, said, “A resident doctor was assaulted on Monday. This reveals that the government has not come to our aid. We don’t feel safe to work. The government just gives us promises but doesn’t really do much. This has been highlighted by this incident.”