Cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar, who spread awareness on obesity dies

The 83-year-old artist was known for his satirical approach towards socio-political matters and was less known for his crusade against obesity in children. His cartoons are used in campaigns for fighting obesity in children as they conveyed the message in a very subtle way and without hurting anyone’s feelings

Renowned cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar passes away

Mangesh Tendulkar, a noted cartoonist, succumbed to a brief illness in Pune. He was 83 years old. Tendulkar was known for his socio-political satires and as active campaigner for traffic rules, but what he was less known for is his crusade to fight obesity in children. Recently, he drew few cartoons to highlight the issue of obesity in children and had given them free of cost to campaigners who are fighting for the cause.

Renowned cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar passes away
Renowned cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar with Dr Jayashree Todkar (in centre with bouquet of flowers)

Tendulkar drew his last breath on July 10 in Pune and his funeral will be held on Tuesday (July 11). While many have stories to share about Tendulkar, it is heartening to know that this noted cartoonist’s drawings have contributed even in the healthcare sector.

Dr Jayashree Todkar, a Bariatric Surgeon from Mumbai said, “He had voluntary shown interest to draw cartoons on the subject related to obesity in children. He did perfect justice to the topic as his cartoons were not hurting the feelings of obese children, but, at the same time, it conveyed the topic correctly. We are using those cartoons in our campaign.”

“By 2025, India will be the second largest country in the world when it comes to occurrence of obesity and he was an artist who was sensitive and well aware about the issue. His cartoons conveyed the message subtly, without shaming the victim of obesity,” added Dr Todkar.

His cartoons on fighting obesity in children were also published in children’s magazine called Kishor. Balbharati publication’s Kishor magazine published his cartoons in three parts in April, May and June this year. Kiran Kendre, Executive Editor of Kishor magazine, Pune said, “Tendulkar has contributed a lot with his paintings for Kishor. His painting on obesity was his last contribution.”

Cartoonist Charuhas Pandit, who is known as co-creator of ‘Chintoo’ – a cartoon strip in Marathi, said, “I have not seen his obesity-related cartoons, but most of his cartoons are in the areas concerned with socio-political issues. He even had drawn a cartoon on how he relates himself with death.”