Rat menace: 2 patients bitten by rat in Mumbai’s Shatabdi hospital

This is the second incident in the period of 10 days. Where a rat has bitten patients admitted in BMC run Shatabdi hospital. These two shocking incidents have raised a big question about patient’s safety, health and the hygiene



Rat menace in Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) run hospitals in Mumbai has surfaced once again, as two cases have been reported from Kandivali’s Shatabdi Hospital.

On Sunday evening, a 65-year-old Shilaben Shah was admitted in Shatabdi hospital after she suffered leg fracture. She was bitten by a rat on her left leg, while she was fast asleep. According to doctors of Shatabdi hospital, the incident came into light only on Monday morning.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Jayant Chavan, Medical superintendent of Shatabdi Hospital said, “The lady was admitted in hospital to treat her fracture injuries. The incident which occurred on October 8 at 10.30 pm came into light on October 9, in the morning. Rat has bitten her leg. The lady has diabetes since last several years. She was provided immediate medical attention.”

He added, “This is not the first time such incident has occurred in the hospital. We have forest on the periphery of the hospital. So rat menace is always there. Every day BMC workers install anti-rat guards here to catch the rats. But, still rat menace is still there. This is not the first case. 10 days prior to yesterday’s incident Pramila Nerurkar, an elderly woman had also sustained injuries near her left eye on September 29.”