Rare: Pune doc removes tumour from pregnant woman’s placenta, saves uterus

Doctors in Pune recently witnessed a rare case wherein a tumour was growing in the placenta of a pregnant woman. Although, it was a challenging surgery, the doctors extracted the tumour with removing uterus of the woman

Rare: Pune doc removes tumour from pregnant woman’s placenta, saves uterus

Sanjeevani Narote, a 19-year-old woman from Satara district of Maharashtra, came to the Sassoon Hospital with the complaints of heavy bleeding. When doctors examined her they found a tumour had developed in her placenta.

Dr Pradip Sambarey, Professor and Head of Gynaecology Department in Sassoon hospital in Pune, said, “She was a patient who had undergone abortion in the past. Because of a delayed diagnosis, the tumour had invaded the bladder too. Since she is married and she did not have a child yet, we decided not remove her uterus. With chemotherapy, the patient has recovered successfully now.”

The heavy bleeding after abortion forced the woman to come from Satara to Sassoon hospital in Pune. Now, as the doctors have successfully operated on her without removing her uterus, she would be able to have a biological child too.

Her beta Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) level which had also come down from 2, 25,000 to 7 in the latest report, has shown the complete recovery of the patient. The woman will soon be discharged after she has undergone the treatment for two and half months at the hospital

Doctors informed that the case is very rare and the incidence for such tumour is only one among one lakh. Doctors said invasive moles do not develop into a malignancy in every case. But, if the timely treatment is given the cancer is curable too. Dr Ruchi Thakur, Assistant Professor and Dr Ruchi Thakur, Assistant Professor, were also involved in the procedure.