Rare: A baby with 24 fingers born in Maha

A baby girl born in Mangaon taluka in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, has grabbed the eyeballs all over. The baby girl born in Varad Hospital & Maternity Home has total 24 fingers, on her hands and feet. As soon as the villagers came to know about it, there was a big queue to see this cute baby girl


You must have heard about people having an extra finger known as polydactyly, (The condition of having more than the normal number of fingers or toes). But, you will be amazed to know this baby girl has 24 fingers in totality. Yes! You heard it right…

On October 27, Aditi Bhadavakar, a 28-year-old woman gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But, after her birth, which surprised everyone including the doctors. The girl has 6 fingers on hands and feet instead of five.


Spekaing to My Medical Mantra, Dr Amol Gharat, gynaecologist, Varad Hospital & Maternity Home said, “The girl was born with 24 fingers which surprised all. She has all separate fingers and which are functioning properly.”

He added, “All the relatives are keen to welcome a new member in the family. But, the relatives were surprised to see her with 24 fingers. There is nothing to worry. The six fingers function like five fingers.”

Dr Preeti Lewis, gynaecologist, Sir JJ Group of hospitals said, “We haven’t seen a baby like this in Mumbai. But, it is rare. I am surprised to hear about the baby born with 24 fingers in Raigad.”

Dr Rajashree Katke, medical superintendent and gynaecologist of Cama & Albless Hospital said, “Rarely, a baby has an extra finger on hands or feet. But, this is unusual. Though, it doesn’t affect the child’s health. Some people think of removing the extra fingers. But, that is not needed.”