Raigad collector urges doctors to provide voluntary services at Karjat hospital

While there are sufficient doctors working at the Karjat sub-district hospital, but it still lacks specialist doctors. Dr Vijay Suryavanshi has appealed doctors to come forward and voluntarily help the people in need

Raigad collector urges doctors to provide voluntary services at Karjat hospital

  • Dr Vijay Suryavanshi, an IAS officer and a Collector of Raigad district, Maharashtra has made an appealed to doctors who have a private practice, to provide voluntary medical services in Karjat
  • Karjat’s sub-district hospital has sufficient number of doctors but doesn’t have specialist doctors to provide medical services.
  • Dr Suryavanshi had also spoken to the doctors from Indian Medical Association (IMA), Mumbai about the offering their voluntary service.

There is a shortfall of 81.6 % specialist doctors in community health centres across India. As per the rural health statistic, brought out by the health ministry, there are 4,156 doctors available against the requirement of 22,496 in the community health centres across the country.

And a similar situation can be witnessed in the Karjat sub-district hospital in  Raigad district, Maharsahtra.

Dr Vijay Suryavanshi
Dr Vijay Suryavanshi

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vijay Suryavanshi, Collector of Raigad, said, “We have doctors who are working in Karjat’s sub-district hospital, but there are no specialist doctors here. In case of an emergency, the patient has to be referred to the hospital in Panvel. I am trying to make the best treatment available here itself. I have spoken to the doctors associations and doctors from Indian Medical Association, requesting them to come here and provide voluntary medical services.”

Dr Suryavanshi further says, “There are many specialist doctors in Mumbai. Karjat has a huge tribal population. If specialist doctors come here and offer their services the tribal population will be benefit a lot.”

Dr Suryavanshi informed My Medical Mantra that the district administration is planning to hold a medical camp on Saturday and Sunday so that the doctors can come and offer their services. Once we have the names of the doctors who are ready to offer their services, we will organise a medical camp.

While Dr Vijay Suryavanshi, Collector, Raigad, Maharashtra, has made this appeal to the doctors from Mumbai and Pune. Dr Aparna Hegde, a Urogynaecologist by profession has also posted a Facebook post, making an appeal to the doctors fraternity.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Aprna Hegde said, “The district administration needs doctors from all fields from Mumbai and Pune who can offer their voluntary services at the hospital. Karjat is only a two hour drive away from Mumbai and Pune. So, it’s my humble request to all doctors, please come forward and help the poor people.”