Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust takes note of work done by H.V. Desai Eye Hospital

Taking cognisance of the work done by H.V Desai Eye Hospital in the field of Retinopathy of Prematurity (R.O.P), The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust invited Dr Sucheta Kulkarni, Medical Director  H.V Desai Eye Hospital to a special reception at Buckingham Palace on October 29 hosted by Her Majesty – Queen Elizabeth

H V Desai Eye Hospital

Dr Sucheta Kulkarni also got a rare honour of representing Asia and shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth. She also participating as a panellist at the World Health Organization meeting to discuss global eye care.

The work of H.V Desai Eye Hospital also got featured in a documentary released during the program. Dr Kulkarni also got an opportunity to meet high commissioners of various countries where work on R.O.P is being scaled up.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust has been working in Several Commonwealth countries (India being one of the largest members of the group) to improve eye health of millions.

Pune’s H.V.Desai Eye Hospital along with the Trust and state health department has been working towards building the capacity of government doctors to screen for a disease called R.O.P, which is observed in premature babies and can lead to a lifetime of blindness.

Dr Sucheta Kulkarni led this Project and trained doctors from five districts of Maharashtra.The team screened nearly 2,500 babies and saved them from permanent blindness.

Dr Sucheta Kulkarni said that “I am overwhelmed with the kind of reception we got. It was an opportunity for me to discuss eye care with many of our global counterparts. The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust has helped us scale up our work on R.O.P helping us to save many children from permanent blindness.”

“The invitation to Buckingham Palace is a testimony to the fact that our work on R.O.P is headed in the right direction,” she concluded.