‘Purchase medicines from the ‘Haffkine Institute’

All the government departments including health and medical education should procure medicines and machinery from the ‘Haffkine Institute’. The Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said, the proposal should be submitted in the next cabinet meeting

Hafkin (1)

  • Girish Mahajan, Minister of Medical Education, Girish Bapat, Food and Drug Administration Minister and Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister were present in the meeting conducted in Mumbai.

CM Fadnavis said, “A purchase department has been created for the medicines and the machinery needed by the   health and medical education, along with the tribal development department, woman and child welfare department, education department and the government departments. A proposal should be submitted in the next cabinet meeting.” Also, the CM has instructed to prepare a module.

 Every department should prepare a calendar regarding the purchasing of the medicines. Public health department’s each and every transaction is procured through e-medical software. So, this should be used by the medical education department as well. In addition, both the departments should bring their system on the digital platform. The CM also instructed to provide human resources for the purchases department of the ‘Haffkine Institute’ and prepare a pattern regarding the same.

Dr Pravin Shingare, Director of Medical Education and Research said, “The ‘Haffkine Institute’ has been established for this purpose. While issuing the GR, inadvertently the Zilla Parishad and the municipal council was left out. So, the CM highlighted it and instructed to include it.”

‘Haffkine Institute’ is a one of the oldest biomedical research institutes in the country. It was established in 1899 and is named after the scientist (Dr Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine) who invented the plague vaccine. Since then, ‘Haffkine Institute’ has emerged as a multi-disciplinary Institute engaged in training, research and testing of various aspects of infectious diseases.