Punjab: RDA demands Punjab health min to ensure safe working conditions

Doctors from the AIIMS Resident Doctors Association (RDA) in Punjab have written a letter to Punjab's health minister, Brahm Mohindra, alleging unsafe working conditions for doctors in the state. The doctors have stated that there has been a rise in instances where have been multiple incidences of violence against resident doctors

Punjab: RDA demands Punjab health min to ensure safe working conditions
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The President of the RDA, Amarinder Singh Malhi, has shot out a letter to the health minister to Punjab, to bring his attention towards the falling safety standards in the state.

In the letter it has been stated that there have been multiple incidences of violence and other untoward incidents with resident doctors of GMC Amritsar which are shocking. Following that, the apathy displayed by the hospital administration is highly condemnable.

Speaking about the untoward instances, Dr Amarinder Singh Malhi, stated, “AIIMS RDA believes in zero tolerance policy towards violence against resident doctors and firmly stands with the residents of GMC Amritsar in their fight for safe working environment. Because of poor administrative performance, resident doctors are not left with any other option but to stop working to bring this notice of higher authorities of government to seek suitable action.”

Punjab: RDA demands Punjab health min to ensure safe working conditions

Addressing the Health Minister of Punjab through the letter, he said, “We have forced to bring this matter to your notice, in view of callous attitude of the hospital administration ,who instead of ensuring security measures, are counter blaming the victims and passing loose statements like ‘Swari Apne Smaan Di Aap Jimewar Hai, which so disheartening to hear as providing safe working environment for doctors is the responsibility of the administration and government.”

While the Vice-President of RDA, Dr Jawahar Singh, said, “We RDA, AIIMS extend our unconditional support to resident doctors of Punjab and strongly condemn the all-untoward incidents which have occurred recently and in the past. We request the government to immediately take action against the culprits and the administration of GMC Amritsar. Secondly, we humbly request the government to consider all genuine demands of doctors immediately, as all demands are in good faith of patient care and for the betterment of the healthcare system of Punjab.”

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