Pune’s diabetologist Dr Abhay Mutha passes away

Today, ace diabetologist Dr Abhay Mutha passed away due to acute viral illness. He is survived by father, mother, two younger brothers, wife, a son and daughter


  • Dr Abhay Mutha was the chief diabetologist at Ruby Hall Clinic and founder of Diabetics Care and Research foundation.
  • He was 52-year-old and was was admitted at Ruby Hall Clinic due to viral hepatitis and then shifted to Mumbai for further treatment.

Dr Abhay Mutha was immensely popular amongst his peers and people due to his calm, patient behaviour and social initiatives.

His initiative for welfare of type 1 diabetic children was well-known. Through Diabetes Care and Research Foundation he had adopted more than 1000 needed children for whom he paid for their insulin and medical expenses. His diabetes day event was well received amongst all sections of the society.

Dr Sanjay Pathare, Medical Director of Ruby Hall, said, “He was a doctor who always had a thought about how he can he contribute to society. There are hundreds of his patients who are taking free insulin just because of him. It is a great loss for medical fraternity.”