Pune youth falls prey to PUBG, loses entire academic year due to addiction

A youngster from Pune, became so addicted to the game that he lost out on his studies. His parents noticed his signs of addiction and promptly took him to a psychiatrist


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG has quickly gained popularity with teenagers and adults alike. The massive craze behind this game has led to health experts deeming it detrimental for a child’s mental health.

Popular battle royale game, PUBG, whose popularity has spread like wildfire in the last year and a half, has been facing flak for the negative impact it’s having on children. Over the past few months, we have heard of cases of PUBG addictions and reports about the game causing serious mental harm to impressionable teenagers and children because of its format and content.

While the demand for ban on PUBG game is being raised in the country, one more case of severe PUBG addiction has come up in Pune. The teenager from Pune not only lost his academic year, but has also attempted to harm himself.

Sahil Mali (name changed), studies in junior college in Pune. After playing the game for almost around a year, he started showing severe symptoms of addiction towards the game.

While his parents noticed it, and tried to take away mobile phone from him, Sahil became violent and even made an attempt to harm him. He has even lost his academic year, due to his addiction which has spiralled out of control. He was recently hospitalised for around a week and is now stable.

Dr Pankaj Borade, a Psychiatrist from Mind Matters Clinic in Pune, said, “He was hospitalised last month. I have stabilised him with medication for now. We also did counselling sessions for him. Due to this addiction he lost his academic year and even made an attempt to harm himself.”

Dr Borade added, “Gaming is an addiction and it is more than a habit. Gaming addiction is a disorder and a person suffering from it is not able to willingly quit it. These games socially isolate you and then get you addicted to it. One must devote a limited amount of time for such games and strictly adhere to it.”

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