Pune witnesses scarcity of blood platelets, records 465 cases of dengue in October

Pune has witnessed the highest number of Dengue cases in October. Resulting in increased demand for platelets. Therefore, the blood banks are calling registered donors for donations to manage the demand and supply of platelets in the city. The month of October witnessed 465 cases of dengue


Pune has witnessed the highest number of dengue cases in October this year. As a result of which, the demand for platelets has also increased.

However, post-Diwali, all blood banks in Pune have witnessed less platelets donation. Therefore, the blood banks are calling registered donors for donations as there is a scarcity of platelets in the city.

Manisha Ayyer’s mother-in-law was diagnosed with dengue. She was in urgent need of platelets. She said, “We went to six different blood banks. But there were no platelets available. We then contacted Jankalyan Raktapedhi. They gave us platelets, but that too, took some time. My mother-in-law was in urgent need of platelets. We had no clue on what we could have done if the platelets we’re not made available on time.”

Blood banks mentioned that because of fewer blood donations, ‘random platelet donations’ have also decreased. Patients relatives are running from pillar to post to arrange for platelets.

Prashant Mohan, director of Sanjeevani Blood bank, said, “Around a couple of days ago, I received a demand for platelets from a patient’s relatives. I called nearly all blood banks in the city. But it was not available anywhere. Finally, I asked them to give me some time. Meanwhile, I contacted registered donors in our area. One donor agreed to come and donate. And then I could give it to the patient’s relatives. Platelets are not enough to fulfil the demand.”

A representative from Poona Blood bank, requesting anonymity, said, “The ‘random platelet donations’ have reduced because of Diwali vacation. We are unable to fulfil the demand. We are calling registered donors to come and donate single platelet donations.”

Experts mention that because of Diwali vacations, blood donation camp and voluntary blood donations have reduced in the last one week. It has led to a scarcity of platelets.

Ram Bangad, from Raktache Nate trust, an NGO which works in the field of blood donations, said, “Many blood banks in the city have a scarcity of platelets, whereas dengue patients are increasing. I appeal to all that they should come forward and donate platelets.”

Month                 Dengue

Jan.                       14

Feb.                       8

Mar.                      8

Apr.                    10

May.                     7

Jun.                    32

Jul.                     73

Aug.                  157

Sep.                  321

Oct.                  465