Pune witnesses drop in the number of people with burn injuries this Diwali   

While the Maharashtra Pollution Control Boards statistics suggest that Pune witnessed rise in sound pollution this year post Diwali, the government hospital statistics suggests that the injuries were less. The total number of patients last year in 2017 were 19 while, this year it was just 11 patients

Awaaz Foundation: Fewer firecrackers burnt this year

Statistics related to number of cases related to burn or other kind of injuries which come post Diwali have shown a drastic decease this year. This year cases related to injuries because of firecrackers have decreased by around 50 per cent, according to statistics give by Sassoon Hospital, Pune.

Dr Ajay Chandanwale, Dean of B j Medical College, said, “Greater awareness might have benefited people and helped them in decreasing the use of fire crackers this Diwali. Surprisingly, we have received less than half patients this year compare to last year.”