Pune Wellness Centres first in Maha to run specialised clinics for diabetes, respiratory disorders

Under the Central Government Health Scheme there are nine Wellness Centres that are run in Pune. They have become the first in Maharashtra to start with a special education program on diet, exercise and medication on the two major illnesses which are witnessed in people across in the city


The recent survey done by these centres found that they are getting maximum patients pulmonary and diabetic diseases. Following the survey special clinics on respiratory disorders and diabetes have been started recently.

Doctors are going the extra mile and spending time outside duty hours to help beneficiaries through these special clinics.

My Medical Mantra spoke to a few of these doctors to know about their experiences and the thing they are doing to spread awareness.

Dr Deepa Magar, who is in charge of the special clinic on diabetes, said, “Among every 10 patients, 7 are diabetic. We found that though we are providing treatment, many patients are not adhering to guidelines. Also, there are many misconceptions which are leading to the rise in the disease rather than curing it.”

She informed, “They are not aware of many things, we decided to educate them. Giving them medicines was not making a difference as they didn’t get any better. Patients use a glucometer but in a wrong way. People have many misconceptions and because of which they don’t get treated properly and the disease gets worst.”

Dr Magar stated, “Every Saturday we take the session. We identify patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, as a result of their lifestyle. We also include newly diagnosed patients and then take their sessions in batches.”

The doctors have started these clinics at two areas in Pune. While one is in Akurdi, another one is in the Camp area of Pune.

Under beneficiaries of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) comprehensive healthcare facilities are provided to in-service central government employees, and their dependent family members, pensioners etc. According to official data, they catered to around 5.32 lakh people in Pune in 2018.

Dr Uday Kelkar additional director of Central Government Health Scheme, Pune said, “We are the first such people in Maharashtra to run special clinics for pulmonary and diabetic diseases. After the survey, we found that we get maximum patients who suffer from these two illnesses and there is a lot of scope to make people aware about it.”

“This is why we have started special clinics. We educate them and keep a follow up with them. We maintain a digital recording of the data of patients who have come to attend the session,” he added.

The doctors also described their modus operandi while dealing with such patients and how they help simplify and explain health conditions to them.

Dr Kunal Thatte, another expert who handles diabetic and pulmonary clinic, said, “We start from basics like what is asthma and how to use an inhaler. People are taking interest and attending our informative sessions.”