Pune to host international symposium on joint replacement

Every third person in the United States, roughly about 91 million people suffer from joint pain, while in India about 28.7% people, in the age group above 60 years of age, suffer from joint pain. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, bad eating habits are leading factors behind joint problems in the ageing population

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Image Source: Google

Lokmanya Hospitals is organizing the international symposium on joint replacement at JW Marriott on August 17 and 18. The two-day deliberations will include expert National and International speakers and will include case studies, paper presentations, live surgeries and the way forward for joint replacement technologies.

This symposium in tune with the need of the times is aptly based on the theme ‘Interactive Technology’ and shall be adorned by experts who have witnessed the transition from conventional to Robotic Technologies. Experts from the United States, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Iran, Oman and Yemen and more than 250 Indian orthopaedic experts will participate in the deliberations.

Dr Narendra Vaidya, Managing Director, Lokmanya Hospitals said that technology has found to be an asset in the current era of advanced joint replacement.

Dr Vaidya said, “Innovations have blessed us with technological marvels, among which at the forefront is ‘Robotic Arthroplasty.’ Joint replacement has proved to be a great boon to patients suffering from terminal arthritis.”

He further informed, “Total knee replacement is said to be one of the most successful surgeries of the last decade. However 25-30% of the patients are yet to experience the adequate outcomes of the same. There seems to be a definite scope for improvement in terms of accuracy and precision involved in the procedure. We today stand the helm of ground breaking surgical advancements. The recent technologies available in arthroplasty impart an efficient and effective tool in the hands of the joint replacement surgeon, enabling consistent reproducible results.”

The topics to be discussed include ‘Conventional Knee Replacement – What is lacking,’ Evolution of technology in arthroplasty , robotic surgery with surgeon’s and engineer’s perspective , brain storming on various topics, case studies, debate on conventional vs. robotics etc.

Dr Vaidya said, “The conference and workshops are important as they will impart the much needed training on robotic surgeries to surgeons from other cities. Patients go as far as Europe and U.S.A for robotic surgeries which can be costly.”

He added, “The problem of knee pain is a challenge world over. Every third person in US about 91 million people suffer from joint pain, while in India about 28.7% people in the age group above 60 years suffer from joint pain. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise , poor eating habits are causing joint problems in ageing population  Robotic surgeries are precise and minimally invasive and they result in faster recovery.”