Pune: Timely diagnosis helps Pune docs save pregnant woman’s baby  

Doctors from Pune, Maharashtra have successfully saved the life of a baby via Intra Uterine Blood Transfusion (IUBT) procedure. The procedure is performed to replace the foetal red blood cells which are destroyed by the mother’s immune system

Pune: Timely diagnosis helps Pune docs save pregnant woman’s baby
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It was a timely diagnosis by the doctors which helped them to identify the condition, through which they managed to save the babies life.

Timely diagnosis plays a vital role in the management of the disease or medical treatment. Timely diagnosis in pregnancy essential.  And none other than Seema Dorge, a middle-aged woman from Shirur tehsil Pune, Maharashtra can testify about its importance.

Seema who had suffered multiple miscarriages in the past has delivered a baby boy and the credit goes to the timely diagnosis and Dr Dhaval Vaidya with whom she was following up with for her pregnancy.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Dhaval Vaidya said, “It was during the fifth-month sonography, I got to know about water retention in the stomach of the foetus. I immediately took the second opinion and confirmed the doubt. When a mother is with a negative blood group, the mother’s immune system starts destroying the red blood cells of the foetus. This results in the water retention.”

According to Dr Vaidya, when a mother is having a negative blood group, then during the second pregnancy ‘Anti-D’ injection has to be administered to the mother. If the injection is not administered, then in future the pregnancies there are a chance that the baby may not survive.

In Intra Uterine Blood Transfusion (IUBT) procedure, a needle is inserted in the mother’s womb through a sonography machine and the fresh blood is given to the foetus.

Dr Vaidya further added, “Intra-Uterine Blood Transfusion helps to increase the haemoglobin level and also reduces the water retention. Now the baby is of 20 days, and all hale and hearty.”

Dr Dhaval Vaidya hails from Daund, Pune, when the mother’s blood group is negative and the foetus has a positive blood group, in this case by fifth-sixth month the water starts getting accumulated in the body of the foetus

Blood transfusion and the delivery were done at Umarji Hospital, Pune.