Pune: Temperature fluctuations behind rise in viral infections

As the season is changes from winter to spring, it invites a host of health problems. This time period is conducive to the growth of viral infections. Doctors advise on how to deal with this sudden change in weather and what precautions to take

Pune: Temperature fluctuations behind rise in viral infections

In the last two weeks, Pune has seen many fluctuations in temperature, due to this city has seen a rise in the number of patients suffering from viral ailments.

The temperatures are varying between hot and cold and during this transition, there is an increase in pathogens and allergens in the environment. Doctors have witnessed a rise in the cases such as running nose, common cold, infections of throat-nose-ear, upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis etc.

Mahavir Modi, a Pune-based chest physician, said, “Half of the cases that we are seeing these days are post viral and allergic bronchitis cases. Since last two weeks, the city has witnessed many fluctuations in the temperature. After the cold weather last week, we have started having hot afternoons. This leads to viral ailments. Patients are taking multiple courses of antibiotics. Intractable cough and post viral bronchitis are the common cases. We are advising patients to keep away from dust at home and to drink a lot of water.”

Dr Syed Pasha, head of emergency department at Jehangir Hospital, said, “With the change in weather, we are getting more patients these days who are suffering from viral ailments. Keeping oneself physically fit is needed.”

Precautionary measures suggested by doctors:

  • Be careful while travelling outdoors
  • Avoid constantly switching between air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned environment
  • Gargle every day with warm salt water
  • Maintain personal hygiene
  • Wash hands before meals and after visiting toilet
  • Eat homemade food, up your protein intake and consume fruits