Pune: Sassoon biochemistry lab goes beyond traditional tests 

Treatment for infertility, diagnostics for vitamin B 12 and D deficiencies, and checking for hormonal imbalances in your body are generally specialised facilities provided by private hospitals and diagnostic centres. But, now Sassoon Hospitals in Pune have been made these services available for its patients

Pune: Sassoon biochemistry lab goes beyond traditional tests

As medical science is progressing, even government medical colleges do not want to lag behind when it comes to offering treatment for infertility or repairing Vitamin B 12 and D deficiency or hormonal imbalance in patients.

While government hospitals are targeted to offer treatment to more chronic and primary illnesses, the state-run Sassoon Hospital is marching ahead with this aim.

Not only this, the biochemistry lab will be now open for 24 hours and 365 days. The hospital claims that the state-of-the-art biochemistry laboratory has been made so efficient that the patient need not go to any other private lab for testing.

Dr Somnath Salgar, associate professor at BJ Medical College, said, “People now want to check their Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D deficiencies. Also, when it comes to infertility related treatment and their diagnostic tests, people go to private hospitals. Women and children undergo hormonal changes and symptoms of many diseases are these changes. It is for this reason that we wanted to start these diagnostics facilities at our centre. Our dean, Dr Ajay Chandanwale, has supported us to start all these facilities at our centre.”

Tests for sickle cell anaemia and tests like Serum prolactin, Serum FHS will also be done in the hospital.

The hospital authority has added many new machines in the laboratory last month. Total number of tests that were done in the hospital have also risen from 7, 23,423 in 2014 to 11, 40,526 in 2017.