Pune: Rise in dengue, chikungunya cases worry civic body

The steep rise in dengue and chikungunya cases has forced the civic body to send notices to the housing societies, and construction sites to clear the mosquito-breeding sites in their vicinity. So far, the PMC have collected around Rs 2.5 lakh as fine


In the last three months, there is a steep rise in dengue and chikungunya cases in Pune. Till date, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has sent notices to as many as 1,648 housing societies, and construction sites, to clear mosquito breeding sites. Around 20 housing societies are fined by the court, and the PMC has collected a fine amounting to around Rs 2.5 lakh in this year.

Government officials said, in spite of repeated announcements about stagnant water being a mosquito breeding site, many do not take effort against such sites.

After sending notices those housing societies and construction sites, who have not cleared stagnant water sites, the Civil Court has sent notices to them and recovered fine.

Dengue    Chikungunya

Jan     14          17

Feb     8           13

Mar     8           12

Apr     10          11

May     7           2

Jun      32         14

Jul       73         17

Aug     157       44

Sep      50        67

Dr Sanjiv Wavare, an Assistant Medical Officer of Health (AMOH), said, “Even 5ml of stagnant water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We are making all aware of it. But still, many are not following our directives. We have collected a fine of the amount of Rs 2.5 lakh, where we have seen people violating our directives.”

“With monsoon, there has been a rise in dengue and chikungunya cases. Early treatment and diagnosis and treatment can prevent complications and deaths related to these diseases. But preventive measures should be implemented by all citizens of the city,” he added.