Pune: Rare birth defects leaves baby’s bladder exposed

Bladder exstrophy is a birth defect. It's a condition where the bladder and parts around it form outside the body. The anomaly occurs among one in one lakh children

Pune: Rare birth defects leaves baby’s bladder exposed

Doctors at Sassoon Hospital in Pune operated upon a nine-month-old girl with a rare birth defect. The condition caused the bladder to remain open and exposed, leading to urine being drained directly over the child’s abdomen.

While the surgery for such a defect is usually done just days after birth, lack of access to health care facilities, poverty and illiteracy led the patient to be admitted at a late stage, which gave rise to complications.

Doctors at Sassoon Hospital stated that babies with this congenital anomaly are generally treated at birth. But since the patient was living in rural area they were unable to get surgical treatment which aggravated the problem.

Dr Meenakshi Bhosale, paediatric surgeon at Sassoon hospital said, “As the child’s age advances surgery becomes more and more complicated. The urinary bladder is a balloon-shaped organ that stores urine. Under normal conditions, the bladder is held in place by pelvic muscles inside lower part of our belly. In bladder exstrophy the skin, muscles and pelvic (hip) bones over the lower abdominal wall (bottom part of the stomach) are not formed properly. The bladder is open and exposed to the exterior, draining urine directly over the abdomen.”

The surgery has now closed the bladder and abdominal wall. It ensured that the bladder is inside the body and located in the correct position. Doctors said that incidence of this anomaly, is witnessed among one in one lakh children.

Suvarna Raut, the mother of the child, who hails from a small village in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, said, “We come from a humble rural background. The primary health care centre had referred us to Sassoon Hospital. She used to always cry and had also started losing weight. After the surgery performed, she is doing well.”