Pune: Patient’s rights groups protest against new fee hike

Since the last two days, several social groups have been protesting against the recent fee hike at Sassoon Hospital. The fee hike makes it difficult for poor patients to access treatment and get diagnostic services

Pune: Patient’s rights groups protest against new fee hike

Various social groups in Pune have come together to protest against the recent fee hike at Sassoon General Hospital. They protested in front of the hospitals on Monday and Tuesday and also helped register the complaints of the patients with the authorities.

Dr Lata Shep from People’s Health Forum said, “The patients visiting the hospital cannot even afford treatment worth Rs 200 to Rs 300. We know that Sassoon Hospital caters to the economically challenged families. For whom every penny matters. However, the last state General Resolution (GR) has increased the price of treatment for various diagnostics and other facilities at the hospital, which may stop many people from visiting the hospital for care.”

Echoing similar views, activist Kiran Moghe of All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) said, “Many patients have told us that they had to pay for the sonography. It is extremely difficult for these patients to afford simple treatments. They have already spent a lot of money while trying to reach the hospital. In this case, charging for the sonography is unfair. And under the government rules, sonography has to be done for free.”

She further mentioned that the hospital administration has been positive regarding their approach. “The dean has assured us that the proper steps will be implemented to ensure that pregnant women do not have to pay for the sonography, as the facilities are free of cost for them.”