Pune: Organ recipients decide to be ambassadors for organ donation

Organ transplant recipients at Deenanth Mangeshkar Hospital had voluntarily arranged get together of doctors, live donors and cadaver donor families in Pune last week. In its unique initiative organ transplant recipients have decided to guide future donor families and want to spread awareness on organ transplant


While government and different non-governmental organisations have been spreading the awareness on organ donation, it is now beneficiaries of organ donation, who want to give their share for the noble work.


Patients, who had undergone organ transplant at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, voluntarily came forward and decided to spread the word for organ donation.


It was an occasion to thank organ donor families who helped these transplant patients get a new life. It was also an occasion to show it to society that after undergoing organ transplant a normal life can be lived. It was also an occasion to create a platform of like-minded organ transplant recipient who could then meet up regularly and could help in the movement for organ donation.

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Tanaji Kadam, a 55-year-old who underwent liver transplant last year at Deenanath hospital, said, “Since a long time, we recipients, were planning to have such a meet up. We wanted to thank doctors and donor families. Also, we wanted to spread the word that how organ transplant has helped us in living a normal life.”

Dr Prasad Akole, an Intensivist from the hospital said, “The hospital helped them in giving the list of donor and recipient families, but the initiative was driven by organ transplant recipient. It was a very unique event where recipient thanked donor families. They have also expressed their willingness to help the hospital for creating awareness on organ donation.”