Pune NGO to host seminar to spread awareness on patient’s rights

The seminar will teach people about different subsidised treatments at public and private hospitals and inform them about patients’ rights and other legal issues. The trained people, then along with their daily routine, will also be able to help patients in need with the help of the mechanisms created by the NGO


‘Saathi’ NGO which works in the healthcare field in Pune has arranged a novel one-day seminar named ‘Me, my patient and their rights.’

The free seminar is arranged on June 28. Those who are interested can complete pre-registration formalities before June 15. Organisers said that registration link is available on Saathi website.

Dr Abhijit More, who is going to deliver a lecture at the seminar, said, “Today’s healthcare at private hospitals is becoming costlier. There are very few people who can afford the treatment provided at private healthcare centres. Also, people do not know about their patient’s rights.”

He added, “Through our seminar, we will make people aware of different government schemes, patient’s rights and how to get justice. Also, after the training, they will be made capable to train and guide other people when they need any healthcare-related help.”