Pune NGO to raise awareness on organ donation through Lord Ganesha

The state government led by the ministry of higher medical education celebrates August as the ‘Organ Donation Month.’ ReBirth in association with the Maharashtra government has planned key events for the upcoming months


With an aim to take figure of organ donation in Pune from two digits to four digits by 2020 and to ensure that India becomes an organ surplus nation; a Pune based NGO Rebirth, is organising several activities which will create awareness amongst people.

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ReBirth has come up with a free eLearning course on the process of organ donation. It has a set of 15 questions answering which will make the participant qualify for a certificate on organ donation awareness. This course is launched on Edelweiss and will benefit innumerable people across the nation.



Rajesh Shetty, founder of Rebirth, said, “ReBirth took up this task of interviewing surgeons, counsellors, and all the other agencies involved in the whole process of organ Donation and draft a souvenir/magazine using all the information. This souvenir will act as a reference document for knowing anything and everything about organ donation in Pune, India.”

Organ Donation-Month

“The foundation has designed its own ReBirth Ganesha which is self-explanatory as far as organ donation symbol is concerned. The dashboard of the car is commonly reserved for the image of Ganpati. A ReBirth Ganesha on the dashboard will serve as a medium to create awareness to all those people who sit in the car. The organisation has also tied up with many other organisations to create awareness on organ donation,” he added.