Pune: KEM Hospital develops women’s safety app

The unique home-grown app helps to protect women from potential sexual assaults. This app can send distress calls to the Maharashtra police. The app also sends a message to the its call centre and a fixed number of pre-selected contacts

Pune: KEM Hospital develops women’s safety app
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  • As sexual assaults against women are on rise, experts have welcomed this initiative, especially, as it is taken by a hospital.
  • The potential victim by pressing the button on the app can alert the community in the immediate vicinity.
  • ‘NO’ app is now downloadable on play store: NO KEMHRC

The KEM Hospital Research Center, Pune in association with Charité – University Clinic of Berlin launched a mobile app named ‘NO’ in Pune on Monday. The aim of the geo-assisted app is to create deterrence in the minds of potential offender.

Lennart Beier, project coordinator of the app development, said, “The total group of potential sex offenders can be divided into two groups: 5% of them are driven by their sexual preferences which means, that they are sexually aroused if violence is involved in the sexual act. 95% on the other hand are surrogate type offenders which mean they are not driven towards the act because of the inclusion of violence, but are using violence as a means to an end: sexual interaction with a woman only by their own terms. This group doesn’t respect boundaries of other people. This is an attitude and leads to sexual harassment. Attitudes are influenceable behaviour patterns.”

A screenshot of the 'NO' app
A screenshot of the ‘NO’ app

He added, “This very large group of offenders are estimating risk factors when it comes to committing offences. It is essential to create a community who would be increasing the estimation of risk for potential offenders.”

This approach comes from Charité’s past 30 years of studies on data of sexual offenders.

Different psychiatrist from the KEM Hospital Research Centre have worked with this approach to develop ‘NO’ App

‘NO’ app also forwards distress calls to the Maharashtra Police, this feature is due to a cooperation with Pratisaad, a company which implemented a geolocation based police dial system for incident reports.