Pune: Indian dairies cruel to cattle, states Animal Equality

Animal Equality’s nationwide study into dairies, cattle markets, slaughterhouses and tanneries reveals how laws related to animal welfare; environment, food safety and human rights are rampantly violated. Animal Equality is a Pune based animal protection organisation which works towards the welfare of animals

Pune: Indian dairies cruel to cattle, states Animal Equality

Today on the occasion of National Milk Day shocking scenes of cruelty and suffering were seen in a documentary titled, ‘Deadly Dairy’ made by Animal Equality, a Pune based animal protection organisation.

Amruta Ubale, Executive Director of Animal Equality says, “Through this documentary we’ve shown not only is dairy cruel to animals but how it amounts to their killing, as it supplies its ‘unproductive’ animals to the beef and leather industry.”

She added, “It may seem that cattle in India are protected but they are subjected to this torture every day. In the wild cattle may live up to 15-20 years but because of all these cruelties, their bodies becomes weak at the age of 4-5. These cruel practices are blatant violation of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, the Transport Rules, 1978, the Slaughterhouse Rules 2001 and various orders from High Courts and Supreme Court of India.”

Animal Welfare

  • Reproduction in dairy does not take place through natural mating anymore. 100% of the dairy farms covered in the study used artificial insemination, irrespective of its size. At semen collection centres, bulls are unnaturally made to mate with other bulls known as ‘teasers’, who are raised to be docile by cruel means like beating.
  • There is no veterinary doctor on board; many of the dairy owners self-medicate the animals in order to save costs. Many animals were seen with injuries or suffering from untreated diseases.

 Food safety

  • The use of oxytocin was very common in Northern and Eastern India. It is a common misconception that oxytocin increases milk output. Due to the maternal bond the cow withholds the milk, all oxytocin does is expands the muscle thereby releasing the milk.
  • The consumption of milk from animals injected with oxytocin is known to cause severe hormonal imbalances among its consumers.

Human welfare violations 

  • As per the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986 employing children below 18 years of age is illegal. The study points out at least one child working in every tannery and slaughterhouse visited.
  • Both children and adult workers from these places are underpaid and not given the basic facilities, working environment or medical treatments.

  Environment concerns

  • Dairy, leather and meat industries are destroying our environment so rapidly, that experts fear that the damage would be irrevocable within a couple of decades.
  • Sneha Mahimane

    This is an eye-opening story behind the dairy industry. More and more people need to come forward and understand this issue and fight for it! Thanks for this coverage and thanks to @Animal equality to bring up this study to the masses.