Pune IMA designs course to keep non-diabetologists updated about diabetes

The Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune, has designed a Certificate course in diabetes to keep all non-diabetologists updated about the ailment. Apart from diabetologists, other doctors can also pursue the course

Our bodies might cure themselves of diabetes in the future, claim researchers

Generally, care providers/ doctors diagnose diabetes when patients come for seemingly unrelated problems. Considering this, the Indian Medical Association (IMA), Pune, has designed a Certificate course in Diabetes to keep all non-diabetologists updated about the ailment.

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases at any adult age group in both sexes and different stages of life, and children are no exception! In coming years, India may be the diabetes capital of the world.

Considering this, the IMA, Pune, the leadership of Dr Arati Shahade, an astute physician and diabetologist, has designed a Certificate course in Diabetes to keep all non-diabetologist updated.

Dr Padma Iyer, President of IMA, Pune, said, “With increasing life span, the complications are bound and specialists, every day, treat these patients. Hence, it has become necessary for non-diabetologists to keep themselves updated about it. The course, designed for this special purpose, is an opportunity for doctors to update their knowledge.”

“This course is need of the hour for every doctor who treats the patient for any ailment. Screening, diagnosing, and treating Diabetes has become a necessity for all specialists, and family doctors. To provide that extra edge and confidence this certificate course is a great boon,” she added.

The course is specifically meant for all qualified practitioners, Apart from Diabetologists, Family Physicians, Anaesthesiologists, Physicians, Surgeons, Gynaecologists, Ophthalmologist, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Pathologists, Microbiologists, Dermatologists, Sexologists, Gerontologists, and Psychiatrists can also pursue this course.

The course will cover topics such as:

Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Classification, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Micro and MacroVascular Complications, including Diabetic Foot, Management, including current recommendations, Different OHAs & Insulin, Pre and postoperative considerations, Complications, including acute hypo and hyperglycaemic crisis, Diet, Exercise and Primary prevention. It will be interactive and case-based. An evaluation, at the end of each session, would be done, and after the last session, the final assessment will take place. The course will have seven Saturday afternoon sessions of three and a half hours each.

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