Pune hospital to raise awareness on bone marrow donation by felicitating patients

Those who undergo bone marrow transplants are the people who faced many difficulties due to diseases like thalassemia, cancer, bone disorders etc.  It is for this very reason that Ruby Hall Clinic has decided to felicitate around 100 patients who have won their battle against the diseases they were suffering from and have undergone bone marrow transplant successfully


The hospital will felicitate these patients on September 01. The hospital has also arranged expert to hold talks for spreading awareness on bone marrow transplant at the Cancer Care Center at Ruby Hall Clinic.

Haematologist Dr Vijay Ramanan, said, “Not many people are aware about bone marrow transplants and the change that they can bring in a patient’s life who is suffering from thalassemia. A bone marrow transplant can do away with the need for transfusions and iron therapies. We also want to create awareness that a living person can donate their bone marrow and this can give a new lease of life to a needy patient.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Sanjay Pathare, Medical Director, Ruby Hall Clinic, said, “The main aim behind organising bone marrow transplant survival day is to create awareness not only on bone marrow transplants, but also about bone marrow donation.”

About 100 patients are expected to be present in presence of chief guest and social activist, Dr Anil Avachat, along with Dr Purvez Grant – Managing trustee Grant Medical Foundation , Bomi Bhote – CEO Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr Sanjay Pathare – Medical Director Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr Vijay Ramanan- Consultant Haematologist and Head Bone Marrow Transplant Department, BMT Medical Coordinator – Dr Bhushan Shinde,  Sameer Nikam – Secretary Thalassemia Society of Maharashtra , Laboratory Director – Dr Neeta Munshi and Head of BloodBank at Ruby Hall Clinic – Dr Snehal Mujumdar.