Pune Hospital offers same rate for normal and caesarean deliveries

Pune hospital comes out with a unique notion of offering same cost for normal and caesarean deliveries, to clear the misconception among people that doctor advice pregnant women to undergo caesarean deliveries, with the motive of money making

Pune Hospital offers same cost for normal and cesarean deliveries

The debate over private doctors carrying out un-required C –Section deliveries is making waves in the country. Contrary to that, Oyster and Pearl (ONP) Group of Hospitals in Pune, has taken a stand by offering same rate for normal and caesarean delivery.

Dr Amita Phadnis, Chief Managing Director, of ONP hospital, said, “There has been a lot of hue and cry about unnecessary caesarean during the delivery process for extracting more money from the patients. The decision about the delivery being normal or caesarean is always a decision of doctors and will remain so. We want to take away the public perception that doctors are doing C-section deliveries unnecessarily by offering fixed rate maternity packages.”

Pune Hospital offers same cost for normal and caesarean deliveries

Welcoming the initiative, Dr Parag Biniwale, Consultant Obstetrician from Pune, said this will nullify the common perception among people that doctors perform more C-Section deliveries for money. “Many a times, because of the risks involved or because of the medico legal issues, we do C-Section delivery. Also, as age for pregnancy is advancing C-Section deliveries are preferred in such cases. Finally, safety of mother and child is important,” said Dr Biniwale.

Mumbai based research scholar Subarna Ghosh had started the virtual fight against rampant caesarean-section deliveries recently for which more than 1.5 lakh had supported by signing the online petition. While speaking to My Medical Mantra Ghosh said it is good that some hospital is at least making an effort to be accountable. “Though it is a great move, it also looks like a marketing gimmick. All private hospitals in the country should make the data public on how many C – Section deliveries are done in their hospital. But, the initiative by this Pune hospital makes it clear that if consumers are made more aware service providers will listen to them.”