Pune: Hospital hosts beauty contest to raise awareness about diabetes in women

Diabetes has a certain stigma associate with it. This holds true for many women in an Indian household, who feel insecure and timid due to this condition. This contest aims to help women regain and reclaim their self-confidence by making them more outspoken and open

Pune: Hospital host beauty contest to raise awareness on diabetes in women

A Pune hospital will soon be hosting a unique beauty pageant titled, ‘Miss Diabetic Queen Contest.’ In society, people suffering from diabetes are viewed differently. This contest aims to dispel the myths associated with diabetes and motivate diabetic patients to develop an active and cheerful approach towards life.

The women participating in this event should be diabetic or overweight, to be eligible for the event. The age of the participants is between 16 to 70 years. The event has been organised for free.

Around 40 candidates have already been selected for the final round, which is scheduled for the first week of December.

Noble Hospital in Pune has adopted the theme given by the American Diabetes Association’s for 2017. The theme revolves around women and diabetes.

Accordingly, the hospital has arranged the beauty queen contest on these lines. Two fitness rounds and a general round are over.

Dr Reema Kashiva, MD, Internal Medicine from Noble Hospital, said, “If you tell diabetic women to exercise and follow a balanced diet, many of them will not be able to do it. With this event, we have noticed that several women are now working on improving their health and fitness, as they want to win the competition.”

She added, “When a woman is diagnosed as diabetic patient, the family puts certain restrictions on her. Even societal perspectives change towards them. We wanted to correct this by helping these women become outspoken and confident.”

Pune: Hospital host beauty contest to raise awareness on diabetes in women

So far, they have been through grooming sessions. They will also be designing their own dresses for the competition.

One of the participants, who wished to requested  anonymous said, “I am overweight and diabetic. Since childhood, I had dreamt of participating in a beauty contest. But when I gained weight, I knew that I would not be eligible for any such contest. When I heard about this contest, my joy knew no bounds.”

She added, “Beauty is not just defined by external appearances. In spite of being diabetic, we all are fit and are also talented in different fields. This fact will be recognised through this competition.”