Pune hoarding collapse: Husband loses life after cremating wife’s ashes

Today, Pune witnessed an unfortunate incident wherein a hoarding came crashing down upon motorists at a traffic signal. Shivaji Pardeshi, was among the people who lost their lives to the dreadful incident


The 40-year-old man was returning from Alandi, where he had gone to cremate the ashes of his wife on Friday. While the family was already coping with one tragedy, unforeseen circumstance put them in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Shivaji, works as an auto driver and was ferrying his daughter, son and his mother back from Alandi. While on his way back he stopped at a red light. And within moments, the hoarding came falling down upon them. While his children and mother escaped unharmed. Shivaji Pardeshi was trapped under the hoarding and sustained injuries. He was rushed to Pune’s Sassoon hospital, where he died during the treatment.

Just two days after losing their mother, his children have now been orphaned as a result of this disastrous event.

He is survived by his Samruddhi, his 18-year-old daughter and Samarth, his 4-year-old son.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Nitin Vikule, Shibaji’s neighbour said, “On Thursday, October 04, Shivaji’s wife died. He along with his son, daughter and mother had gone to Alandi, to cremate his wives ashes. But, the death struck him on his way back home. He died during treatment at the hospital.”

  • rom borge

    Hoardings fall, Bridges fall, Buildings fall, trees fall, is some one doing something to stop this ?
    i heard that someone was taking down the hoarding!!! but it wasn’t done in a safe way by the people who were responsible. the people who were talking down the hoarding fled the scene as soon as the hoarding crashed. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN INDIA! A COUNTRY WHERE SOMEONES LIFE MEANS NOTHING TO THE GOVERNMENT! if this was any other country they would stop the traffic to that road till the hoarding was taken down safely and no one would get injured. but in this country full of corruption the authorities ignore the civilians safety.