Pune: H V Desai eye hospital sets up centre to train docs on advanced cataract surgery

The constant endeavour to upgrade also requires a lot of training and engagement with the doctors. The Phaco Training Center will help increase the human resource for doing phaco surgeries (Phacoemulsification procedure) in cataract patients

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One of worlds most renowned manufacturer of operating microscope – Zeiss Germany will give technical support to the program. The Phaco training centre will operate according to the international norms and standards.

Col. Madan Deshpande Chief Medical Director H.V Desai Eye Hospital said that H.V Desai Eye Hospital has been in the forefront of adapting to latest technologies in the field of ophthalmology and make them accessible to everybody.

He stated that opening of the CBM Phaco centre is an important milestone as we have been chosen amongst the global partners for this program. The state of art operation theatre and the training facilities would operate according to the highest global norms.


Dr Kuleep Dole, Medical Director, H. V. Desai Eye Hospital said that cataract remains the major cause of avoidable blindness globally, and over the years, cataract surgery techniques have evolved considerably.

Compared to ‘small incision cataract surgery’ (SICS), the current standard technique widely used by CBM partners, phaco offers faster visual recovery due to a smaller incision size.

This method of cataract surgery causes less astigmatism, meaning fewer patients needing glasses after surgery. Phaco surgery allows surgeons to safely operate on cataracts in the earlier stages of the disease, meaning that patients can receive treatment earlier.

Whilst not all cases are suitable for phaco surgery, many patients could be operated with this technique.

Phacoemulsification is a procedure that requires a practically imperceptible surgical incision, and then uses ultrasound to emulsify the cataract, thus having a minimal affection on the cornea and reducing drastically the recovering time due to the combination of micro incision and lack of sutures.

The implementation of this technique is determined after an assessment of the eye and the needs of the patient.

Dr Rajesh Kapse CEO H.V. Desai Eye Hospital said that the centre is being set-up Germany-based organisations Christofelbleinden Mission and Zeiss for continuing education and training of ophthalmologists. The training centre will provide phaco training courses to qualified ophthalmologists from the region.

The CBM Phaco Training centre will be inaugurated at H.V Desai Eye Hospital on 13 February at 2:00 p.m. at Shankar Sable Auditorium, H.V Desai Eye Hospital.

The centre will be inaugurated at the hands of Dr Ludwin Monz President and CEO Carl Zeiss Meditec AG  and  Dr. Rainer Managing Director, CBM, Germany in presence of  Dr Sara Varghese, National Director CBM India, Dr Archana Patil, Additional Director , Health services, Maharashtra State in presence of Dr Harpreet Kapoor, Advisor, CBM and Nitin R. Desai, Chairman, PBMA’s H.V Desai Eye Hospital ,Rajesh Shah President of PBMA , Chief Medical Director Col. Dr Madan Deshpande,  Executive Director Parvez Bilimoria  and Hon. Secretary Kishorbhai Vora.

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