Pune: Girls studying in PMC schools to get free sanitary napkins

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in its standing committee meeting today, passed a budget of Rs 1 crore for the distribution of free sanitary napkins to girls studying in municipal schools. The sanitary pads will be made available to them when they begin the new academic year

Pune: Girls studying in PMC schools to get free sanitary napkins
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Speaking about this initiative, Mukta Tilak, the mayor of Pune, said, “We have put sanitary napkin disposal machines in all schools. We have also established sanitary napkin vending machines. But this year, we thought of providing free sanitary pads to girls studying in PMC schools.”

He added, “With this initiative hygiene will be maintained. Several issues, which are related to adolescent girl’s health, are related to hygiene during the menstrual cycle. With this move, girls studying in PMC schools can maintain good menstrual hygiene.”

Pravin Nikam, a youth activist working in the field of sanitation said, “This is a welcome initiative. Girls, especially those studying in PMC schools come from a poor economic background and have many times found to maintain poor hygienic standards.”

He further said, “With this initiative, the health issues of these girls which are present due to poor sanitation practices can be checked. I have even met the mayor, in the past on this issue, I am happy with this initiative. The Pune Municipal Corporation should also come up with the right disposal mechanism of these pads, as disposal is responsibility of citizens also.”

Dr Ramesh Bhosale, a Gynaecologist from Sassoon General Hospital (SGH), said, “In our day to day practice, we encounter many cases where the girl is suffering from some disease due to poor hygiene during her menstrual cycle. This is a welcome initiative by the PMC.”