Girl encourages seven family members to fight obesity

Sonali Bhusari was obese and underwent bariatric surgery, encouraged her family members many of whom were obese themselves to do the same. Now her mission is to spread awareness about obesity in rural areas

Pune girl encourages seven family members to fight obesity
Sonali Bhusari before and after her bariatric surgery

Sonali Bhusari, a 27 year old from Ahmednagar, who underwent bariatric surgery in February this year in Pune convinced seven members from her family to go for bariatric surgery. Now she wants to spread awareness on obesity related treatments in her district by becoming ambassador for people with obesity.

Sonali’s sister, brother and cousin sisters, all were 100 plus kg’s and they suffered from many problems because of being overweight. After her surgery, she convinced them to go for surgery too. In the three months, seven members from her family have undergone a bariatric surgery.

Sonali Bhusari before he bariatric surgery
Sonali Bhusari before her bariatric surgery

“But my aim is to reach out to a wider audience. I want to present them our stories and want to make them aware on what different options are available in medical science for obesity related treatment,” she added.

Sonali Bhusari, weighed 88 kgs when she decided to go for the surgery. While sharing her own case, she said, “I was going through depression. My parents were tired of finding a match for me. Everyone rejected me because of my weight. My confidence was very low. I had even come to a point where I had started thinking that I should not marry. Many in my family are overweight and different marriage proposals were denied when they looked at my family. I used to look like I was mother of two children. But in reality guys used to reject my proposal as they used to think that I would not be able to conceive because of my weight.”

Sonali had tried everything from rigorous exercise to strict diets. But nothing seemed to help her shed weight. “My hormones and metabolic system is set in such a way that even if I miss exercise for a day I used to gain weight immediately. Exercise and diet helped me to reduce two to three kilograms, but a break in that and I am again as what I was.”

After the surgery Sonali lost 18 kg’s. “Now for the first time, I can see that when it comes to marriage, there are no rejections by the guys but I have a chance to choose. Now, even I can change my WhatsApp DP. I feel more energetic today.”

Bariatric surgery includes variety of procedures performed on obese people like; reducing the size of stomach with a gastric band or through removal of portion of stomach etc.

Sonali Bhusari's transformation after her bariatric surgery
Sonali Bhusari’s transformation after her bariatric surgery

Jayashree Todkar, a bariatric surgeon from Pune who performed surgery for Sonali, said, “Obesity is the disease which nobody has bought willingly. When obese person goes into depression, people ask them to go for counselling. But they fail to realize that their body needs treatment first and mind will then be treated automatically. With obesity our metabolic and nutritional status gets compromised heavily. Medical science has advanced now to help people lead a more healthy life and people should take benefit of this advance science.”

Sonali now wants different experts from cities to go into theses semi-urban and rural areas to spread awareness on obesity related treatments. “I have already discussed some of my plans with Dr Jayashree Todkar. I will seek guidance from these experts on how should I go ahead for spreading awareness.”