Pune: Galaxy Care Hospital performs India’s third uterine transplant

After successfully performing the country’s first two uterus transplant, Galaxy Care hospital has operated upon the third patient for uterine transplant. The surgery was completed in two and a half hours using the laparoscopic technique, making it quicker than the previous two transplants


  • After carrying out India’s first two uterus transplant, Galaxy Care hospital from Pune has performed the third successful uterus transplant on Friday.
  • The surgery was performed in the shortest duration, making it a world record. According to the doctors, it took six hours to perform the surgery.

Dr Shailesh Puntambekar, Director of Galaxy Care hospital said, “We did this surgery in six hours. For the first surgery, we took 11 hours and for the second surgery we took 10 hours. Since we have performed this kind of surgery before, we were able to reduce its duration.”

The removal of uterus was done in two and half hours. The doctors informed that the surgery was performed using laparoscopic technique. The hospital administration said that they have got 480 inquiries and they will perform 10 uterus transplants this year.

The third woman on whom the uterus transplant was done hails from Karnataka and her mother had agreed to donate her uterus. “It’s been five years that this woman is married and she doesn’t have uterus since birth. Her mother was not getting her menses, since last two years. But, with medicine, which we have been giving since the last six months, she started menstruating,” said Puntambekar.

He also added that, “In the coming days, two patients from Dubai and Qatar will be admitted to the hospital for uterus transplant. We are exploring different options for getting approval for foreign patients. The first two women that underwent the transplant have also undergone embryo transfer. Within ten days we will get to know if they can conceive or not.”