Pune: Donkey with artificial limb walks freely, horse and dog in the queue 

The team from Pune’s Sancheti Hospital hopes to perform the procedure of fitting artificial limbs on a horse and then on a dog

Pune: Donkey with artificial limb walks freely, horse and dog in the queue

Last week, My Medical Mantra presented a unique story where a three-legged donkey was fitted with an artificial leg. The animal has adapted well to its new limb and an examination reveals she is not in any discomfort and is able to walk freely.

Salil Jain, head of prosthetic and orthotics department of Sancheti Hospital, said, “We have fitted the donkey with an artificial leg last week. The examination done a week later shows that donkey is able to walk comfortably with the artificial limb.”


The donkey was rescued from Dhule district in Maharashtra by RESQ Charitable Trust in Pune around two months ago. The volunteers of the trust found the animal struggling to walk. She tried to move ahead by bending on her knees which had led to dislocation of her shoulder. After making inquiries, the trust approached prosthetic and orthotics department of Sancheti Hospital in Pune, which makes artificial limbs for humans. The department readily accepted to take up the challenge and carry out the treatment free of cost.

The next challenge for the team from Sancheti Hospital is to fit a similar leg on a horse. “For bigger and heavier animals like horses, the process is even more difficult. We will do a similar procedure on a horse, who is currently serving the Indian Army. There are many horses that lose limbs during racing. We want to help such animals walk freely, said Jain.”

“The donkey is able to walk effortlessly now and we hope that we will succeed in making her walk on all fours throughout her life. Apart from the horse, we also have a dog on which we want to perform a similar procedure,” added Jain.