Pune: Doctors treat woman with rare ovarian tumour  

The tumour had move from one ovary to the other. These types of tumours are so uncommon that they constitute less than 0.5% of ovarian tumours

Pune: Doctors treat woman with rare ovarian tumour

  • Shalu Patil, a 32-year-old female, hailing from a small village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra, visited Sassoon Hospital in Pune, complaining of stomach ache and bleeding.
  • The doctors diagnosed her with a rare case of ovarian cancer, wherein, the tumour had travelled from one ovary to another without affecting any other part of her body.

Dr Sunil Patil, Assistant Professor, at Sassoon Hospital Pune, said, “The biopsy reports revealed that she was suffering from a rare type of cancer. The tumour mass was very hard. The mass was as big as 17 by 18 cm. Thankfully, there was no ascites (water in abdomen). ”

In order to treat her, the doctors removed her uterus and ovaries and she underwent chemotherapy as well. She was successfully treated and was discharged last week.

In medical terminology the case is known as sertoli leydig cell tumour. This is a rare ovarian tumour that belongs to the group of sex-cord stromal tumours. These constitute less than 0.5 per cent of ovarian tumours.

Dr Pradip Sambarey, Professor and Head of the Gynaecology Department in Sassoon Hospital Pune, said, “These are rare type of cases, which come to us, as Sassoon in a tertiary care center. A close examination led to the diagnosis of rare cancer.” Dr Ruchi Thakur, Associate Professor was also involved in the case.